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Dealing with a cracked, misshaped window glass? Get it replaced today. You don't have to wait any longer, you can get your broken glass replaced today. Contact Oakville repair team - glass & windows today. We offer a free assessment and professional advice for all your window needs today. Call +(289) 270-9066.


You don't have to manage it any longer. These signs below are evidence that there is no more for repairing your window glass, any further investment in repairs will be a waste.

1. Large Chips in your window glass or around corners.

2. Visible shattered glass still held in place by a sealant material.

3. Repairs operations of more than thrice on the same window glass.

Save yourself the trouble and future maintenance costs by getting the glass of your window replaced today. Call +(289) 270-9066.

About Us

Oakville Repair Team-Glass & Windows

Oakville repair team - glass & windows is a registered business under the state laws of Ontario, Canada. We run our service operations in the city of Oakville, providing quality windows services to all its citizens.


Our services include windows glass replacement in all kinds of windows glass i.e obscure glass, tinted and stained glass, tempered glass, etc for glass doors and windows. We also offer installation services in all kinds of windows options, wooden windows, aluminum windows, and vinyl windows to homes to renovate buildings and construction sites.

We offer windows glass repairs and repairs of window frames, window caulking and sealing, windows aluminum capping, sales of windows accessories such as windows cranks, locks, hinges, handles, etc. We offer windows services to a variety of windows clients in:

1. Residential areas such as homes, orphanages, shelters, charity homes, etc.

2. Non- Residential areas as Offices, shopping malls, public centers, vehicle owners, etc.

We offer delicate window glass repairs and replacement in the old-style window glass of antiquity, casement styles, transoms, etc.

Our drive towards excellence and our customer service philosophy ensures productivity and service efficiency. We render quality windows service to all our intending clients offering them access to previous services we have rendered in the public and private sector proving how credible we are in offering functional windows glass replacement that can stand the test of time and is of low maintenance.

Our broken glass replacement option is ecologically efficient and budget-friendly to prove our home aesthetic and help you cut down the energy costs.

We render quality broken glass replacements in a variety of kinds and types to suit your taste and style. From regular to luxury glass, they are efficient innovations to add to the resale value of your intending property.

Call us today and find out more about broken glass replacement services today. Call +(289) 270-9066.

Mode of service operations.

Upon receiving your call or placement via email, we do ensure you are well informed in all there is to know about broken glass replacement and our variety of windows glass replacement options.

Upon reaching an agreement:

1. Free Assessment: our experts come to your place and check out your window frames and a wall opening to see if it can handle your intended glass as not pair the quality

2. We let you know fully about the service we are rendering to you. If you need a whole window replacement, we do ensure to let you know in offering you optimum delivery service.

3. Quotations are tendered, and other documents are provided in paper and also sent to your email address for future reference. This is to ensure professional services are delivered to you.

4. A team of servicemen is deployed to your home with the purchased window to begin operations which will be delivered professionally inefficient services time. Our workmen handle windows operations with a high degree of professionalism and do ensure they do not disturb your comfort and intrude on your privacy.

5. A free warranty is provided for your windows glass replacement. In the event of a premature loss of service failure before the due date, we will replace your window glass without further delay. Enduring you are served with quality windows services in broken glass replacement.

Your windows security is a priority. Get your Broken window glass fixed today. Call us at Oakville repair team - Glass & Windows today for your broken glass replacement. Call +(289) 270-9066.

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