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Window Caulking and Sealing Oakville ON.

The only reason your energy bill keeps getting higher each month is because your window leaks and the only way to fix them is by opting for a Window Caulking and sealing solution today.

Window Caulking is usually done by most homes as a DIY project, but then, not only is DIY caulking mess, it is also not effective enough. Your Window Caulking requires a professional touch. Need window caulking and sealing in Oakville? Contact us today at Oakville Repair Team-Window Repair today!

Not convinced you need to caulk or seal your windows? Bellow are visible signs you need to caulk your windows:

Unexplainable high energy costs.

Rain seeping in.

Insects in the home.

Lose window planes.

If you have been experiencing one or more of this, place a call to us at Oakville Repair Team- Window Repair Today at +(289) 270-9066 and all you have to do is the following;

Explain the problem and approve our work.

We fix your window.

Watch the energy bill come crashing down.

About Us

Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows

Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows ON is a certified window and glass repair company in Oakville Ontario, Canada that has been registered over three years ago. At Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows ON, we provide window and glass services varying from installation to even essential fix and in between, replacement and repair for residential homes, public or private centers, and even corporate buildings.

We are trusted by many because we are a people-oriented locally-oriented window and Glass repair company with the people in mind. We have gainfully employed the citizens of Oakville and also served over two hundred and thirty households and businesses in their window installation, repair, or even replacement.

We at Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows ON are particular about security and as such, not only do we deliver functional windows, we also ensure they are secure. We give back to the community by supporting the small and medium scale enterprises by purchasing a bulk of our materials also.

Our Mode of Operations

At Oakville Repair Team- Windows Repair, we respond to your request for one or more of our services by;

Firstly offering a Consultation; If need be, we enlighten our pending clients on the need to caulk and seal their windows;
1. Caulking and sealing helps to avoid all the damages that could come with leaky windows.
2. Caulking and sealing, when weighed to the price for fixing damages caused by leaks are a lot more financially prudent.
3. Caulking and sealing your windows help maintain window structure and preserve its life.

Secondly, our experts go ahead to inspect the windows in need of caulking and sealing services, this way, we are able to have a clearer understanding of what each job entails because caulking and sealing for different windows in each part of the home largely differ. This way, we understand the materials to use.
We go-ahead to draft a bill and then deliver them to the client and await approval.

The team of deployed handymen begins to fill out the leaks with our tools.We caulk the leaks with waterproof sealing agents and ensure the windows are airtight. The caulking for the outside window is way thicker than the one for the inside for better sealing. We also use silicon for our window caulking and sealing.
When we are done, we go-ahead to seek the client’s approval before tending a warranty.

Why Choose us?

At Oakville Repair Team - Windows Repair, we have set ourselves ahead of the competition by:

Registered Company

We are registered as a business under the state laws of Ontario Canada and are licensed to perform window services operations in Oakville


We are highly experienced in all kinds of window services and can deliver whatever request made by you.


At Oakville Repair Team-Windows Repair, we are available round the clock for all your windows services including window caulking and sealing.


Our services are highly affordable, we have flexible payment plans and we are also open to working within the confines of the client’s budget.


We have various well-trained workers assigned to work on your windows.

Contact Us.

Call us at Oakville Repair Team-Window Repair today to get your window caulking and sealing done by experts. Contact us at +(289) 270-9066.

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