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Window Glass Repair Oakville ON

Do you live in Oakville ON and you need a Window Glass Repair done expertly? Contact us at Oakville Repair Team- Window Repair for a thorough fixing on your window glass and have it as good as new without having to replace the glass! Call us today!

A window replacement is not necessary unless your window glass is completely shattered or has been repaired more than twice already. Save costs today by opting for a window glass repair.

Apart from saving costs which is perhaps her best part, you do not have to interrupt your schedule all you need to do is to call us at Oakville Repair Team-Window Repair and have us take it off of your hands.

About Us

Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows

We at Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows ON are a window and window glass business service that has commenced operations in Oakville, Ontario Canada, for almost five years. We are registered under state laws and are licensed to operate in Oakville Ontario.

At Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows ON, we offer you numerous window services like; window glass repair, broken glass replacement, window hinges and cranks repair, frame replacement, window installation, planes, aluminum, etc., to both residential and commercial areas. This way, we get to cater to all your windows needs and you do not have to look for another business to handle a repair that we cannot handle because we can handle absolutely everything.

At Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows ON, we seek always to only provide maximum customer satisfaction, and to do this, we;

Have adequate workmen to ensure we can complete your job within 24 hours without compromising on your quality. This is also to ensure we are never fully booked and there is always room for n+1 clients.

At Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows Ontario, we have served over two hundred homes within Inception and have reviews to attest to our excellent service.

Our Services

Window Repairs

At Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows Ontario, we offer a plethora of services to our clients. Narrowed down to Window glass repair, be it a crack or a chip or a whole right in the middle, we offer the following:

Window Glass Repair

We offer to repair your window glass of whatever age, quality, or type. These include; fade glass, Low E glass, Obscured glass et cetera.

Window Glass Replacement

Not all damage to glass can be fixed. If this is the case to your window glass, we create new glass and then replace the old one with it.

Why Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows?

We implore you to choose us because we proffer the following services:

Flawless Services

Our reviews attest to the flawlessness of our quality service. We can always provide three recent clients if you seek extra validation.


We have been in business for about five years and as such, we have vast expertise. Although no similar damage is the same, they just may be no sort of window glass damage we cannot handle.


We are strictly professional in our approach to business and have trained our employees as well. From the first call to the quotation to the jobs by the handyman, we seek to attain just three things with our professionalism; efficiency, productivity, and maximum customer satisfaction.


We are affordable and available round the clock for all your window glass repair in Oakville

Our business services go as follows;

We provide a free damage inspection. Here we determine whether the glass can be free or not.

We draft the bill and tender it to the client

We await an agreement from the client

Once we get a confirmation, we go head to work on the glass repair checking with the client every step of the way if need be.

We consider our job complete after our client has expressed his/her satisfaction with the job. Only then, we are to render a legally binding warranty.

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Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows

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