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Windows Locks Repairs, Oakville, ON.

In dire need of your windows locks repaired and don't know what to do? Contact us today at Oakville repair team - glass & windows. We offer free professional advice and same-day repair services. Call us today +(289) 270-9066.

Not sure your windows locks need repair?

When your windows security becomes doubtful. Your security is a priority. And your windows locks offer a significant contribution to your home security and safety.

Windows locking and opening do not have to be a difficult feature of your home convenience. Functional window locks contribute effectively to the aesthetics and comfort of your home or workspace.

Wear and tear. Your Window locks will eventually grow old and cracked even faster than your whole windows. Fixing your windows locks as when does contribute to lifespan and functionality of your home windows.

Get your window locks repaired today fast and quickly at an affordable price. Contact us at Oakville repair team - Glass & Windows today!!

Who are we?

Oakville repair team - Glass & Windows

Oakville repair team - Glass & Windows is a registered business that deals majorly in windows glass installation and Windows repairs for the homes and offices of the city of Oakville, ON. We specialize in vinyl windows services, windows installation, and Repairs for all types of window glass i.e vinyl acrylic glass, Low-E glass, tempered glass, floaters, and stained glass of all colors for your windows glass and glass doors. We also deal in windows rehauling, whole windows replacement of windows glass, window accessories i.e. window cranks, locks, hinges, etc.

We also deal with luxury window goods, services are rendered at a budget-friendly price working within the confines of your pocket to ensure quality windows services are rendered to you.

We invest our time and resources in seeing out windows innovations that contribute to windows functionality and home comfort. This ensures energy efficiency, low windows maintenance, and aesthetics of your living space. Our windows glass are long-lasting and contribute to the exterior design, outlook, and value of your homes. Looking for quality windows services in luxury and style? You have got it on us.

We believe in customer satisfaction and productivity. We render services that are environmentally friendly and consumer safe. Our services are relatively low costs and low in future maintenance costs. To us, your security is a priority and so we render 24-hour emergency service to cater to your window needs anytime, any day.

Our windows clients include homes, offices, shopping malls, public centers, project sites, hospitals, and car windshields and windows.

Call us today for the quick repair of your windows hinges.

Why choose Oakville Repair Team - Glass & Windows for your Windows Locks Repairs?


We are a foremost and certified windows business under the state laws of Ontario, Canada. Our drive for excellence pushes for optimum service delivery.

Emergecy Services

We are fastidious in our windows delivery service. We are our client's first point of a call in the case of an emergency.


Don't have time to hassle around with amateur repair work. Then contact me Oakville repair team - glass & windows today.


Our windows services are budget-friendly and relatively low in cost especially in windows lock repairs.


We render professional services for windows repairs. Deploying servicemen with up-to-date skills in modern windows repairs to suit your windows needs.


We tender a warranty and other documents like agreement, quotation, and assessment documents upon commencement of windows repair services.

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